Signature Collection

Signature extra confiture

Callas Confiture stands for fresh jam: only 30% of added sugar. This extra jam is made with the best quality of fruit and ingredients, according to traditional methods. Because of the special taste creations Callas Confiture realizes to introduce new, original, luxurious and surprising combinations to keep our customers on their toes!

Signature fruit butter

This rich and creamy butter was a quintessential part of Victorian and Edwardian High Tea. Fruit butter is a delicate, smooth and intense fruity substance made with a fine fruit puree.

Signature Jelly

Jelly is made of the juice of boiled fruit. The secret behind a beautifully clear jelly is to sieve the fruit pulp in the right way. Jelly can be sweet or savoury, and served with hot or cold meat or grilled game. Give an extra flavour to your sauce and enjoy the extra gloss it obtains.

Signature marmelade

Marmalades are made from citrus fruits and are sometimes flavored with fragrant spices. The citrus peel is cooked with the fruit juice and meat until it is very soft, this gives the typical bittersweet taste to marmalade.

Pure Fruit Collection

Pure Fruit - less sugar

Enjoy the intense fruit taste with less sugar products. Only 30% added sugar. Extra jam with average of 75% fruit. Average amount of sugar is 39%.

Pure Fruit - light

These extra jams contain the natural sugar of the fruit. Embrace the sweet life with the full-bodied flavour of these extra jams. Made with the sugar substitute maltitol. Jam with average of 75% fruit. Average amount of natural sugar is 6%.

Preserves Collection

Preserves cheese and meat accompaniers

The three flavors developed by Callas Confiture in its confit collection are perfect to accompany typical winter dishes, cheeses and game. How about a Blackberry-Laurel confit toast with a peice of Roquefort? Or an exotic marinated cod fillet with mango and Red Onion Confit?

GIFT Collection


Our luxury gift box contains 6 jars of delicious jams. Looking for a staff gift, business gift or do you wish to thank someone special? Callas Confiture offers perfect gifts. Custom design is possible with corporate gift. Our quality with your logo or communication.


A jar of jam to celebrate something: birth, communion, marriage. Special jam for special occasions.

Breakfact Collection

Breakfact Collection

A home made Crunchy Nut Chocolate cream to just scoop out of the pot, delicious floral honey, a sun-on-your-plate orange marmalade and 5 more classic jams. And this from uber cute mini jars to big mama size!