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Our story

Karen Depoorter of Callas Confiture discovered her love for jam when, with a vegetable garden full of strawberries, she set out to find the right flavours for her guests in her former B&B.

She soon discovered that she did not like jam – such a classic part of breakfast. The daily jar of jam turned out to be too sugary and jelly-like. To sum up: too artificial.

Karen felt creativity bubbling up. She went in search of genuine fruit flavours and recipes to make an everyday product anything but ordinary. Callas Confiture – true Haute Confiture – was born.

The story of Karen and Callas Confiture is still an ongoing quest for quality ingredients, original recipes and extraordinary flavour creations.

Callas Confiture stands for fresh jam: without an excess of sugar, the fruit flavour thus regains the upper hand.

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