Gift Box Belgian Breakfast. Deliberately better.


Three great and delicious Belgian brands in 1 Breakfast Gift Box. Deliberately better!

Callas Confiture is handmade fresh jam with a low amount of sugar in which the taste of the fruit has priority.
I Just Love Breakfast is high-quality organic granola loaded with seeds, pits and dried fruit.
Balance Chocolade stands for Belgian sugar-free chocolate, low in sugar and the best in flavour!

In this Belgian Breakfast Box:

  • 109g Crunchy Chocolate Nut Cream – Callas Confiture
  • 105g Raspberries extra jam – Callas Confiture
  • 105g Orange marmalade – Callas Confiture
  • 100g tablet Dark Chocolate 72% Cocoanibs – Balance Chocolade
  • 1 x 250g Cocoa granola #3 – I Just Love Breakfast
  • 1 caramel-coloured ceramic breakfast bowl from the Belgian brand Cosy & Trendy
  • Extra: 1 golden breakfast spoon because everyone deserves it.

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